Mango Coconut Nice-cream

January 16, 2017

It has been SO hot here in Durban (South Africa) and a nice ice cream really helps to cool things down a bit however, that kind of treat is not kind to your waistline, insulin levels and often leaves you feeling a bit guilty. So enter, the nice-cream – more specifically this mango and coconut milk version I made for a friend who was visiting the other day. Super easy to prepare and super tasty. This can be mixed up in a variety of ways but quite frankly, why do you want to change a winning formula. Leave a comment on any variations you know and love.


Mango Coconut Nice-cream
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
A delicious summery dessert that is full of fruit and healthy fats
Serves: 3 servings
  • 2 mango, peeled and cut into chunks and frozen
  • 1 banana, peeled and cut into chunks and frozen
  • 1 x 100ml tin coconut milk
  • Toppings: coconut flakes or chopped nuts (optional)
  1. Make sure all your fruit is chopped and frozen before use.
  2. Using a powerful food processor (I used my nutribullet) blend all the ingredients together. If you find the motor taking strain, add a little extra coconut milk (or water if you don't have extra opened already). I found I made mine in batches and mixed it together at the end.
  3. Serve in a sweet bowl and top with chopped nuts or coconut flakes - entirely decorative so are optional. Enjoy!

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