My response to: 3 Simple Diabetes Questions Answered

March 13, 2017

I was asked recently only 3 Diabetes related questions in connection with an American Editorial for a website –, here they are:

1. What diabetes diet mistakes do you see newly diagnosed people with diabetes make?

2. What tip(What tip(s) would you give someone who wants to stick to their diet and keep their blood sugar under control, however at same time be able to enjoy their time during the weekend or an outing with friends/family??

3. Share one of your favorite diabetes friendly recipe and tell us why its your favorite for people with diabetes.

Click on this link to see my answers along with 101 other Diabetes experts and Dietitians.

Thanks to the website for featuring me!

Happy Reading!

If you have any of your favourite websites you go to for recipes, please share those below.

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