International Burger Day

May 27, 2016

What’s special about the 28th May – well, it’s International Burger Day…yes, you read correctly, a Dietitian is blogging about Burgers!

Now, I am not talking about going out and buying your favourite takeaway burger in celebration, but rather creating your own healthier alternative to those restaurant/takeaway options.  You see, burgers have many elements of a balanced meal – it is just how they are put together, what ingredients you use and what you eat it with that really matters.  Once you nail those basics, you have a healthy meal that needn’t even be considered a “treat”.

Let’s first establish a swap this for that and then we can pop over to the recipe section for my latest most delicious option




White roll Wholewheat roll OR even a big black mushroom
Cheese Avocado
Oodles of Mayonaisse/sauces See this recipe for a delicious alternative dressing
Processed Beef Burger Homemade patty OR an ostrich burger OR even chicken fillet OR go vegetarian with a Bean, Quinoa and Mushroom patty OR try a Vegan Chickpea Patty


Side of chips Side of salad/cooked vegetables (especially if you chose a roll instead of a black mushroom – if you prefer some chips and want to forego the roll, then at least choose some sweet potato oven baked chips (leaving the skin of course!) 🙂


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