Vegan Week 1 Overview

February 7, 2017

So this is my second weeks vegan shop???? and I can’t believe that it’s been a week already since we started this journey. I am blown away with the support of everyone so far! ?

Just a recap of our previous week and a few thoughts?:

? Meal prep: I can’t say that I’ve spent less time in the kitchen and that being vegan is easy. It’s not! You need to prepare all your own meals and getting the balance and taste without it being super carb heavy meals can make this a time consuming lifestyle choice – although with time I’m sure I’ll get faster and find more convenient recipes.

On a health note –  I’ve been battling a bit with bloating from all the added pulses but am certain that this too will settle down as we get more into it and my body gets more used to them. I haven’t noticed any significant changes to my energy levels or my weight but I’m monitoring this and will see how things continue to go).

Eating out – we went camping ⛺ this last weekend and I didn’t find things too challenging. It just meant a LOTS of prep at home to make the weekend meal prep very easy so that was a win. We had a braai on the Sat night and I don’t think that was easy for my husband but he’s still supportive and a real encouragement to keep going as he’s super committed!

Shopping – I’m not really battling to find any of the foods we need. Most major stores stock what I’m looking for. I am however amazed at all the foods and aisles I’m not able to purchase from. I don’t think I’m missing meat or eggs or milk…I think I’m just more aware of what is available and what I’m currently choosing to eat. Spending wise I think I’m spending a little more but that’s purely because I’m getting almond milk for tea or coffee at R47/litre ? and also replacing things like coconut milk and also buying new foods to try but I’ll compare at the end of the month ?

So so in all – a great week 1 and looking forward to week 2.  Thanks again for supporting the journey. Please continue to like, comment, share and follow along.  I am posting on instagram and facebook!
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