Vegan Week 2 Overview

February 14, 2017

This is my 3rd week’s shop for our month of veganism.  As you can see, there isn’t very much here – partly because I have accumulated a lot of the necessary ingredients by now and also because my enormous stash of almond and soya milk that I got on sale (what a win!) is not featured here (sorry!)


Here is a recap of our week and a few of my thoughts:

Meal Prep: I am finding things still labour intensive however a little easier this past week.  I know how long things take so I am getting better at preparing in advance and doing a lot of soaking of the beans etc which makes meal prep a whole lot faster.  As you might have noticed I have not been using many “meat replacements” in an attempt to see how easy it is with “whole” foods.  But with Matt working a lot of overtime, trying to fit in gym and also me being extremely busy at the practice I am being kinder to myself this week and have added (as you can see) more pre-made soya products. (just a side note – I am paying for all my food myself, nothing is sponsored so I will be very honest about all I am trying).  So check in for updates on this week’s meals.  Our fridge is always stocked with fruits for snacks and there are always nuts in the freezer (keeps nice and fresh there!)

Health Note: I am still struggling with bloating from the beans and have not as yet noticed an enormous change in my energy levels.  They have not dropped – just not improved dramatically as many books/blogs say you will BUT I have been extra busy with late nights and lots of rushing.  On the weekend we had a real chance to relax and that was a great help to my energy levels so I am still keeping an eye on it and going to check out some blood work this week as well.  Weight wise – no shift either this week (not concerned, just mentioning it)

Eating Out: We were SO spoilt this last week with a friend’s 40th (hope you saw our meal!) and we celebrated in real vegan style at Chilliplum Restaurant in Hillcrest.  What a treat! We loved it SO much we went back on Saturday night as well to celebrate our 4th year of dating (any excuse to celebrate right?!).  Haven’t as yet ventured to non-vegan friendly restaurants though, so no additional feedback there yet!

Shopping: This shop was WAY cheaper than before and no complaints.  Having a meal plan really helps with shopping and I always make sure I have a plan. I was in and out and avoiding so many aisles really makes this a quick shopping experience.

All in all, we are still enjoying this lifestyle and journey and even discussing what our decision might be at the end of it (being half way and all).  But I will continue to update you.  Thanks again for following along.  Please continue to like, comment and share on facebook and instagram (and here). I so appreciate the support!

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